Residential Property

Reevo 360 for Residential Properties

High quality professional photographs, a floor plan, virtual tour and 3D VR experience

360 Virtual tours reduce the amount of wasted viewings by 40%.

(Source: Property Week)

Properties complete with virtual tours are, on average, clicked 10 times more than those that do not offer the service.

(Source: Property Week)

Example of our Work

Reevo 360 Tours

360 VR Tour

View the Reevo 360 tour in 2D or 3D




Still Photography

Still Photographs

Our dedicated team have years of experience in estate photography. Using the highest quality Canon and Sony camera equipment to achieve the best results every time.

Our post production team edit each shot, using up to date technology to ensure that all photos are of the highest possible quality.

Floor Plans

Floor Plans

Whatever the style of floor plan your business uses we can provide it for you.

Our team are fully trained on a number of floor planning software packages enabling us to provide the floor plans that are most appropriate for your requirements. Let us know your preferred style and we can provide them for you.

VR Experience

Virtual Tours and 3D VR experiences

Reevo 360’s new 4K, 3D, 360 degree camera enables us to create a full 360 degree digital view of any space, indoor or out in full stereoscopic 3D.

The virtual tours can be viewed on any screen, using a pc, tablet or smartphone and the 3D VR experiences with the use of a smart phone and a simple VR headset.



EPC Certificate

Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs)

We can provide an EPC for any property we visit.

Due to us already being on site to complete the 360 tours, including the floor plan, we are able to offer this service at very competitive prices.

Advantages to your business

  • Save staff time - show clients suitable properties in a short amount of time, only needing to visit those in which the client is truly interested
  • Happier clients and Improved Customer Relations lead to Increased customers and Listings
  • Keep the seller happy by taking genuinely interested parties to viewings
  • Save time for the seller – they will only have to be available and have their property "ready” for an interested party
  • Tour properties with clients from the comfort of your office
  • Spend quality time with each client discussing properties in a comfortable environment and enabling true comparisons
  • Portray a modern image as clients experience VR for the first time.

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