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Reevo 360 for Hotels

High quality 360 degree virtual tour and a 3D Virtual Experience at extremely competitive rates.

Show Potential clients your Meeting and Event spaces, Function Rooms and Leisure Facilities.

Enable guests to choose their preferred room types, before their stay.

Our tours - Your site

Your clients will be able to see your Reevo 360 tour on your website. Don’t worry about increased bandwidth costs as we will manage all that for you. Simply add an access button to your site and users will be able to see the tours (our techys can help with that also) on their screen or through a headset.

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Benefits of using Reevo 360

Low cost tours

Low Cost Tours

We provide high quality 360 degree 3d and 2d tours for a fraction of the cost available on the market. Enable potential guests to choose between room types, see the leisure facilities, grounds and restaurants before their visit.

Uniquely 3D

Uniquely 3D

"Virtually” place potential clients within your hotel or holiday home. We will create a 3d Virtual Reality version of your property so your potential guests can look around either on screen or with the use of a VR headset. The user will feel as if they are truly there due to the depth provided by the 3d view, enabling them to appreciate the true size and dimensions of all internal and external space.

Dual View

Dual View

When they are with you, see what they are seeing and guide the user through the experience.

Feature tags

Feature Tags

Annotate areas or features within your hotel or holiday home with useful information that the user will see when taking the tour. You could, for example draw peoples’ attention to a Jacuzzi bath or inform them that there is underfloor heating in the bathroom.

Increased Reach

Increased Reach

Enable potential clients to see your hotel resort or holiday home before they travel. The client will be able to experience the whole property and all it’s features as if they were there. Increase your bookings by giving clients the comfort of seeing before they buy.

Advantages to your business

  • Increased sales: Take your facilities to Clients and Guests allowing them to get a true feel for venue
  • Guests can choose the most suitable room before travelling
  • Potential guests would be prepared to book more expensive rooms if they can "see” the advantages
  • Improved Customer Relations: Clients will be happy when they arrive to the place that they have already seen and chosen - their expectations will be lived up to. In a hotel, the client can choose the room features, the view and other details they prefer
  • Improved Image - travellers will relate the hotel or holiday home to the newest technolo-gy and the best levels of service

Reevo 360 services

Branded Headsets

Branded Headsets

We can provide you with simple plastic or cardboard headsets, branded with your logo. Send headsets to clients so they can view your properties in 3d at their own convenience.

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